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Evergreen Orchard Farm
Trenton, NJ
This 140 acre Orchard Farm is covered with 70% pears on trellises. The rest are Grapes, peaches, apples
and plums. The owner welcomes you pick and the farm is packed in September, October and December. This
is April 1st, not the harvest season, but the flowering time. The owner invited photographers to take pictures
and enjoy a ride on the farm and free lunch for every one, even freshly hatched chicks for the children.

They are located at:   1023 Allentown Rd (Rt. 524), Trenton, NJ 08620    Tel:609-259-0029

NY times has a short article on them: Please copy and paste the link.
Pears on trellis. Trained on trellises, the grower can control the intensive work on the flower and young fruits and
harvest in a smaller area, typically used by asian farmers. All new twigs above the frame will be trimmed or tied
down to the trellis.
Like endless tunnels they are joined one next to the other maximize the sunlight they receive. The spraying, thinning,
inspecting, and harvesting will be tremendously easier.
The young anthers are pink!!
Some branches are still in buds.
An endless flower tunnel. Real nice to take a leisurely stroll through it.  詩思禪心共花閑.
Cherries in front of building for gathering.
At this time the smell of grilled
meat pulled every one to the
dinning hall. Four rotisoryies of
chicken were underway for the
intrigued visitors.
Delicious! I can't finish half of it. Took the
rest home and had another meal.
After lunch, take a bus tour of
the farm. They have a hen
house. I wonder if the chicken
we had for lunch were grown
on premise.
Chestnuts   ^       Peaches   below            A ShenYun performer-->
The stakes for the grapes has just been raised higher, expecting a great harvest this fall.
Dense field of rape,油菜花.  Need not go to 婺源, in a couple of years you can get them here in NJ. I suspect the
greens in lunch is the tip of new growth of these rape. Exemplary of self sufficiency. 自給自足的典範,可敬可佩.
主人孵了一大窩小雞每個小朋友可以帶至少一隻回家,樂壞了.The host hatched a big batch of chicks, each child
can bring one home. They are so happy and promised to be back.
Besides the chicken, each family were
given a big bag of big, brown, juicy pears,
10-15 maybe. Free scenery, free lunch and
free pears The owners are real generous
in returning to societies. Really
admirable. What an example!

On the way back a stop at the Aquaduct of
D & R Canal at Mapleton and Rt. 1. A
Northern Flicker was enjoying his lunch.
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